Beta Me’s Ethos & Treatment Areas


For a world where everyone is living their full health potential, where they can enjoy life and all it has to offer full of energy, vitality and happiness. To be a spokesperson for the encouragement and proliferation of health care that adopts an individualised preventative approach. An approach that is proactive and has a powerful impact in reducing the need for reactive treatments and sustaining long lasting health and happiness for young and old. 


To assist those who value their own health and the impact their health has on those around them in order to live to their full potential through 1:1 consultations, group education, workshops and individualised health solutions.

Your Beta Me Nutrition practitioner believes not in diet, but in a lifestyle centred around quality nutrition and eating habits

What level of study does a Qualified Nutritionist undertake?

Three years of a Bachelors Degree in Health Science Nutritional Medicine studying subjects that include the following and more:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Advanced Human Nutrition
  • Medicinal Food Science
  • Psychology & Counselling
  • Sociology of Food
  • Pathology
  • Clinical Science
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Dietary Planning Across the Lifespan
  • Public Health
  • and more…

Additionally, Practical Clinic hours must be completed.

At the completion of studies, a Qualified Nutritionists learning does not stop. To maintain accreditation a Nutritionist must continue to undertake continued professional education called CPE. This is to ensure that your practitioner remains up-to-date with the latest research and continues to expand on their skills.

Areas regularly presented for nutritional treatment include:

From Humble Beginnings & A Lifelong Wellness Journey

Accredited Clinical Nutritionist BHSc (NutMed), Bachelor of Business (BBus)

Hello fellow Health Hunters,

I would like to introduce myself, Danielle, I am the founder of Beta Me. This long winded section gives you a little indication of my journey to becoming the natural health enthusiast I am today.

Born in a small country town and on a farm, I was lucky enough to always be surrounded by wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables. With a strong family constitution and value in the importance of good, wholesome food, I was always encouraged to eat well and try everything. Sport was a cornerstone of family life with my older brother being a triathlete and footballer and my dad his trainer, along with parents who had a love for exploration and adventure, the outdoors and nature were always in our sites. We were lucky enough to travel with triathlons and embark on a 3 month trip around Australia at a very young age, surrounded by stunning waterfalls, taking in the experience of what camping has to offer and, with money struggles, hardly ever attending a restaurant.

Once I reached grade four the family decided to find water, so we made the move to a quaint little village on the outskirts of Hervey Bay. This was a fishing village by the beach with little around but trees to climb and sand to run on (always barefoot).

Growing up here I developed a love for seafood and combined it with my love for fresh fruit and vegetables. Catching fresh fish for dinner with my father was one of my fondest memories of my childhood by the beach.

Once finishing school I became ambitious and decided to move to the city. I had always loved the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast and the city lights. Throughout this time, I had also made many associations with the bodybuilding community, a very different, but eye opening spectrum of the health and fitness world. I observed how they ate and trained and how their body’s evolved and responded in fascination. What an impact different dietary and exercise habits have on the body, both good and bad!

I began to dabble in protein, pre-workout, FAD dieting and weight loss supplements which began to alter my energy levels and the efficiency of my gut and bowls. 

It was unbelievable and in comprehendible that I had been such a healthy kid and had done all of these diets and supplements that were meant to be healthy for me, only to develop gut issues!

Here I experienced the worst of my own gastrointestinal complaints with gas, bloating , constipation mixed with moments of diarrhoea and discomfort beginning to disrupt my moods, energy, confidence and ability to enjoy physical activity as I once had. I could no longer enjoy dairy products (I lived off of them as a kid) and I seemed to react to absolutely everything I put in my mouth!

I underwent all of the orthodox testing, endoscopy, colonoscopy, x-rays, the regular stools samples etc. but I was told that nothing was wrong with me. 

This was terribly frustrating, considering my very real and embarrassing symptoms were interfering so significantly with everything I loved to do! This simply was not good enough for me but I was lost, I didn’t have a clue what else to do. I resorted to Dr Google searches came up dry, nothing was working! So I suffered on for a while.

This is when my interest in nutrition deepened.

At the conclusion of my gap year it was time to look to the future. I enrolled in a three year business degree at Griffith University where I majored in marketing. This was a fantastic knowledge base to have and guided me into a job with a health food manufacturing company as their marketing manager. Here I met some amazing Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Food Scientists that fuelled by desire to delve deeper into my knowledge in health and nutrition. This job taught me a lot about manufacturing health foods, where I was involved in product design, research and development and the writing of nutrition articles for magazines. From here I decided the next step in working towards my passion for good health and nutrition was to enrol in a nutrition degree.

While studying my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, the next 3 years saw me take up a part time job as a Natural Health Consultant where I gained experience in understanding both conventional medicines and natural health and how they interplay and complement each other in today’s society. I formed a respect for both sides but saw the sad side of conventional medications.

Throughout my studies and time working side by side Naturopaths and Nutritionists I began to understand the deeper scientific mechanics of the gut and body and the role diet plays in its good health. By the time I finished by degree, with some treatment protocols, dietary modifications that suit my body’s specific needs and supportive supplements, I am now able to support and manage my gut complaints with the understanding of dietary aspects which contribute and flare poor gut health. I am now free to enjoy life knowing my limits but not bowing to them.

Once my Nutritional Medicine degree was complete I decided that I needed to share my fresh knowledge and experience with the world for the greater good. I had seen client after client in student clinic and in my work at the pharmacy present with one gut complaint or another. Many of which also presented with gut complaints paired with anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. So, it was time to put my business degree back into practice and begin my own Nutrition business helping those overcome the suffering that I had. I am excited to be part of a wonderful network of practitioners who have a true passion to help clients strive towards a more healthful life.