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Please note- due to travel times and commitments to other client’s, strict time limits apply, unless you have booked and paid for additional time in advance. These time limits may mean that sessions are interrupted and must continue at a later date.

The practitioner may not always be able to make time to travel to your location. To reduce appointment allocation disappointment, I encourage client’s to book a time to attend the Runaway Bay Clinic where possible and to take advantage of packages available for absolute value of service and outcomes. In-clinic appointment times are awarded additional time allocations (1.5 hr initial consultations and 45 min follow up appointments and are respectively more cost effective per hour of time).

Your needs are always front of mind and I will do my best to accommodate. 

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Initial Mobile Nutrition Consultation (1 hour) $130

Follow ups (30 mins) $65

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Family Mobile Nutrition Consultations (min three people, of the same family) $90 pp
Follow ups $60 pp

Child Mobile Nutrition Consultations (45mins) $90
Follow ups (30 mins) $50

Assisted Shopping Experience for a healthy pantry (1 hour) $90

Assisted Shopping Experience for a healthy pantry, additional to consultation $70

Online Meal Plans $50

Host a Beta Me Nutrition Party (1 hour) or

Corporate Sessions (contact for details)

(email or phone contact for more details)

Private Parties

– $40 | 5-10 participants

– $30 | 10 + participants

*although I would LOVE to reach everyone personally, all mobile services and group sessions are for Southern Brisbane, Gold Coast & Byron Bay only due to travel limitations.

Never fear, if you live outside of mobile areas,  you can still book a

Skype Consultation 
T&Cs apply

Private Consultations

Beta Me provides individualised and personalised nutrition consultations from the comfort of your own home, office or favourite café.

Initial Nutrition Consultation (60mins)

Initial consultations are suggested to those with the desire for personalized nutrition and diet advice. This encompasses a detailed review of your medical history, a background assessment, body composition analysis, and to view your current eating habits to be able to offer a comprehensive, made-just-for-you nutrition or diet plan. This initial consultation is conducted across 1 hour (some cases may need more time or to be completed at follow-ups consultations depending on case presentation).

  • Background Nutrition Assessment involves:
    • Comprehensive history of your medical background
    • The collation and brief review of results health history results
    • Recent blood or medical tests (in-depth review to be conducted after the session and discussed at follow-up consultations if not urgent)
    • A brief review of any medications or nutritional supplements you may be currently taking (to be discussed in more depth at follow up consultations)
    • Discussion of exercise and lifestyle habits past and present
    • Body analysis (if weight loss or gain is the goal) –including
      • Measurements
      • Body composition analysis (BIA)
      • A detailed review of your current diet diary and habits including identifying currently used brands and quantities.

    This provides the information required to develop a personalised, detailed diet plan based on your clinical presentation and needs.

  • Goal Setting: This part is up to you. Your nutritionist’s guidance assists in:
    • Moving through the identification
    • Negotiation
    • And setting of goals that include both short and long term desired outcomes of your nutrition treatment.

    As a united front, with you leading the way, you will develop SMART goals (specific, realistic and achievable goals) and collaborate with your nutrition practitioner to identify healthy and attainable strategies to reach them and identify barriers that may be hindering your ability to achieve health and wellness outcomes.

    This provides your Beta Me nutritionist with the ability to develop a diet plan suited to you that fits within your lifestyle, dietary needs, health concerns and desired health and wellness outcomes.

    The Beta Me slogan Together We Nourish, is encouragement that we are in this together and your nutritionist will provide motivation and arm you with the tools you require to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

  • Let Me Educate You for Life: Your nutrition practitioner has a passion for educating you on everything nutrition and provides you with take home information to provide your family, so you can educate them.

This tutoring will be based around:

  • Our knowledge and relationship with food
  • Your healthy lifestyle
  • And how diet and lifestyle support your health and wellness goals.

Your nutritionist does not believe in telling you what you should do, rather arming you with the information as to why you should include/exclude something from your eating lifestyle.
You will also be assisted in:

  • The reading of packaging labels
  • Provided with healthy recipes suited to your lifestyle, nutrition goals and health outcomes
  • As well as diet and menu planning that suits your lifestyle and personal/family preferences.

Your practitioner is there to answer any question you may have with regards to lifestyle, health and nutrition across the therapeutic relationship.

Useful information to bring to your appointment

    • Recent blood lipid profile
    • Latest pathology tests
    • List of current medications, doses and when and why they were prescribed
    • Three day food/ diet diary, including drinks
    • Exercise diary
    • Three day symptoms and stool diary

Private Health Rebates

The following funds offer rebates for Qualified Nutritionists based on your level of cover:

  • Medibank Private
  • AHM
  • HBF
  • HCF
  • NIB
  • GMF
  • CBHS

If your insurer isn’t on this list it is recommended that you call them directly for more information.