Corporate Nutrition

Healthy employees are productive employees

Danielle works with businesses to design tailored wellness programs for employees.

These programs educate and empower your employees to make and sustain, healthy choices and habits. Encouraging increased energy, productivity, resilience and overall health and wellbeing on both a professional and personal level.

Why Invest In Health?

We live in a busy and fast paced society that does not always allow for healthy choices. Sometimes we get lost in the ‘whatever is fast easy’ attitude and fall short on supporting health goals. This can contribute to a lack of energy and productivity in all areas of life. It may also contribute to a lack of self-confidence with mental and health and weight complaints being linked to a poor diet.

Looking for a strong investment? Invest in the health of your employees with a nutritional and lifestyle group session with Danielle at Beta Me Nutrition. Why?

  • Improved staff retention
  • Happy and efficient employees
  • Decreased sick days
  • Healthy productivity
  • Improved work quality

Get informed, Feel empowered,  Ask questions, Have a laugh!

*Healthy drinks and snacks will be provided

Corporate sessions typically focus on relatable topics for the individual working environment and can be chosen at the discretion of the organiser.

Allocated time and pricing are subject to location, number of  persons and additional details of the organiser.

Contact Danielle to find out more

Some of the businesses I’ve worked with include:

McGrath Real Estate Surfers Paradise

SureSafe Personal Alarms

Atkins Health

Gold Coast Performance Center


TerryWhite Chemmart

City of Gold Coast Southport Library

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