Host a Beta Me Nutrition Party

(1 hour)

Corporate Session

(contact for details)

(email or phone contact for more details)

Private Parties (1 hr)

$40 | 5-10 participants (minimum 5)

 $30 | 10 + participants

Hosting a Beta Me Nutrition Party or Corporate Session 

Remember Tupperware parties that used to be all the rage?

Well now you can host a Beta Me Nutrition Party.


Choose and learn about nutrition topics you are:

  • most interested in (e.g. hormonal health, weight loss, anxiety, stress management, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, food intolerances or food allergies, irritable bowel, healthy fats, carbohydrates, staying healthy with a busy schedule, eating for a healthy mind and happy thoughts etc.)
  • simply confused about (e.g. dieting, what healthy packaged food really looks like, marketing of “healthy” food etc.)
  • or just eager to know more about
  • the choice of topic is up to your and your group

Wanting the ‘know how’ for:

  • building healthy shopping lists
  • setting your family up for a healthy working week
  • reading labels for informed food choices
  • how to enjoy eating out without the guilt
  • preparing food for kids using disguise, colour and shapes
  • eating healthy on a budget

OR learn how to make healthy snacks and meals

But most of all..

Get informed, Feel empowered,  Ask questions, Have a laugh!

*Healthy drinks and snacks will be provided

Corporate sessions typically focus on relatable topics for the individual working environment and can be chosen at the discretion of the organiser.

Allocated time and pricing are subject to location, number of  persons and additional details of the organiser.

Contact Danielle to find out more