Eating Disorders

There are many aspects to eating disorders which differ for everyone.


Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are sensitive and complex disorders relating to mental illnesses. Disordered eating can have a profound impact on a person’s life in all aspects and should therefore be handled with due care and diligence. Care of the whole person including emotional, physical and social aspects should be considered.

Common eating disorders include:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • binge eating disorder
  • bulimia nervosa

People who suffer from eating disorders can be rest assured that they are not alone. Disordered eating affects many people, including men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Care and support

Although it may feel daunting, the best first step someone with an eating disorder can take is talk to a professional who is trained in mental health. These professionals show no judgement and see others with similar health complaints. This may include first your GP, followed by a Phycologist and a qualified Nutritionist.

A Nutritionist’s support in eating disorders

Often, the first thing a person feels they have lost in an eating disorder is a healthy relationship with food. For some, it becomes a love hate relationship. A Nutritionist’s role is to restore that ‘healthy’ relationship with food. This process is not rushed and will take as much time as it needs in order to make you feel comfortable with taking the next steps.

Nutrition is a wonderful power house that can enhance every aspect of our life in a positive way when executed appropriately. Nutritionist Danielle is here to support you on that journey and arm you with the essential tools you require to make healthy food choices that optimise your body and mind. I will continue to be an encouraging contact on this journey every step of the way. There is no failing, there are simply challenges that are learnt from, to make you feel better and stronger for the future.

Healthy eating isn’t about weight, it is about restoring your physical and emotional health step by step.

Nutritionist Danielle’s support will assist in making the changes to your eating habits more achievable through education and encouraging feedback. It is your journey and we will work at your pace – call now