Beta Me
by Danielle Catherine

Nutrition practitioner Danielle Catherine, adopts a person-centred approach to caring for your health . By understanding that each person is unique, despite common health complaints, a treatment is designed just for you.

It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle

Let me guide you on your journey to good health!

Together We Nourish

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Skype & Online Nutritionist Services

Initial Online Nutrition Consultations (75mins) $150

Follow Up Online Nutrition Consultation (40 mins) $75

Online Meal Planning $50

Beta Me Nutrition by Danielle Catherine
T&Cs apply.

Mobile Nutritionist Services

Host a Beta Me Nutrition Party or Corporate Session (1 hour)
(email or phone contact for more details)

– $40 pp | 5-10 participants
– $30 pp | 10 + participants

Initial Nutrition Consultation (1 hr) $130

Follow Up Nutrition Consultation (30 mins) $65

Family Nutrition Consultation (min three people, of the same family) $90 pp

Beta Me

T&Cs apply


Accredited Clinical Nutritionist

Beta Me Nutrition by Danielle Catherine

Quality assurance is guarantee through the use of evidence-based nutritional practice to support your body’s natural ability to heal and energise itself, incorporating dietary inclusions and exclusions, and supplementation where needed.

Your practitioner Danielle remains up-to-date with the latest research to ensure effective treatment outcomes.

The appreciation of both orthodox and traditional techniques ensures treatments are guided with your best interests at heart.

Thorough investigative consultations allow for a deeper understanding of your body’s health and how we, together, can optimise it to be ‘beta’, for you to live the happy, healthy and fulfilled life that you deserve.

Danielle believes not in diet, but in a lifestyle centred around quality nutrition and eating habits..

Areas regularly presented for nutritional treatment include:

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Danielle Accredited Clinical Nutritionist

Nutritionist Services Offered

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