There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to weight loss

Losing weight is a challenging task for most and to be perfectly honest, there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss. While the general principles are the same such as using up more energy through exercise and daily activities than you consume through food. There are many other factors that come into play despite being diligent with this rule. These factors may be the reason why you have worked so hard to lose weight but have had little success.

Fad diets & Magic Pills

There are lots of fad diets floating around that, for some, work initially, only to find that the weight returns soon after the diet has ceased. Others put considerable faith in pills and potions. While some scientifically investigated supplements may support the process, there is much more to weight loss than a so called ‘magic pill’. It saddens me to see people wasting their hard earned money on wishful thinking.

Factors that may affect your success

Many people find the process of dieting extremely difficult and yoyo between being avid dieters to dropping of due to social influences, stress and poor motivation. This becomes extremely disheartening and I often hear of people punishing themselves in the gym or depriving themselves of food.

Motivation & Support

Weight loss is a journey and requires the correct motivational support to reduce the barriers and provide no judgement accountability, but with flexibility to the lapses that come with it.

Dietary changes should be enjoyable and flexible, not rigid.

A Nutritionist teaches you the tricks of the trade on snacking efficiently, socialising and eating out and what various foods and nutrients provide your body. All this, so that you can set yourself up for not a diet, but a healthy lifestyle centred around a healthy relationship with food. Nutritionists can answer your dietary related questions and concerns and work with you to fit those answers into your lifestyle.
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