Does your diet need a complete overhaul?


Or does it simply need a few tweaks to meet your health and wellness goals?


No matter how BIG or small your changes need to be, I’m here to make them happen with you…

Convenient nutrition advice is a click away

Support anywhere you need to be

Initial Online Nutrition Consultations (75 minutes) $150
Follow Up Online Nutrition Consultations (40mins) $75
Basic Meal Plans $50
T&Cs apply

Wellness Packages at Discounted Rates

Tailored Wellness Bundle One
Includes initial online nutrition consultation, 75min consultation plus 2×40 minute follow-up online nutrition appointments: $255
(15% off standard rate of $300)

Tailored Wellness Bundle Two
Includes 3×40 minute follow-up online nutrition appointments: $180
(20% off standard rate of $225)

*Phone and Skype appointments are not covered by private health insurance

T&Cs apply

Before your appointment
As with any service by a health professional you will be required to complete a health history. You will also be asked to complete a nutrition questionnaire and diet diary, so your online nutritionist can gather an understanding of your health requirements and goals.

The initial consultation:
Initial phone and Skype appointments are conducted across two meetings.

*Skype Consultations are designed to run in the same manner and cover the same content as face to face consultations.

1. In your first meeting, your accredited nutritionist will ask a range of questions to review your health history and establish achievable goals for your health concerns.

She will:

  • Help generate and define your understanding of quality, healthy nutrition
  • Refine your understanding how it can reduce your symptoms and improve your health.
  • After the first session, your nutritionist will develop a personalised dietetic and lifestyle treatment plan and email it to you with suitable healthy recipes and educational resources.
  • This will help you understand the reasons why nutritional and dietetic recommendations have been made, set you up for success when you are ready to go it alone and how to implement diet plan strategies.

*If necessary to your treatment your accredited online nutritionist may also recommend supplements.

2. In your second meeting, support, encouragement and specifics of information will be the key to success.
Your accredited nutritionist will:

  • Review your overall diet and treatment plan with you.
  • Provide explanations and answer questions as to why certain foods are important to include in your daily eating routine.
  • Why others may need to be eliminated from your diet.
  • You may also be sent extra resources to aid your understanding where required.

This consultation will make you feel more empowered and comfortable implementing your treatment plan.
Supplementation should always be considered as a supplement to a healthy diet. At times, our body, medications or lifestyle may require us to top up and complement our diet with supplements, mostly for short periods of time or longer periods if chronic depletion has occurred.

*Supplements will only ever be recommended if your accredited online nutritionist recognises benefit towards achieving your health outcomes and interactions will always be investigated.

Follow up appointments will see required alternations made to suit elements of your program that are not suited to your lifestyle and expand on elements that are working well. You will be supported in taking progressive and attainable steps towards goals each week and review vital markers in outcomes. Together, with your nutritionist, you will ensure accountability and encouragement is maintained, new questions answered and issues resolved.

Your nutritionist will monitor health alterations such as changes to gastro intestinal symptoms, digestive complaints and improvements, blood pressure, cholesterol, dietary and nutrient deficiencies, hormonal responses and other related pathologies and vital signs.